Over time, fog misting units have gained popularity.  In essence, they are used in the outdoors for cooling purposes. The units come in handy during summer and other days when temperatures are too high especially in areas that experience the desert climate. Similarly, the systems are also used for commercial cooling purposes.  Besides being used at homes, the units are used for several other reasons as highlighted herein.


Typically, the principle behind the misting units is that it produces tiny water droplets under immense pressure. The fine mist is produced due to the effect of the small pumps and the small size of the nozzles.  The cooling effect is realized because of splash evaporation that takes place when the mist hits the air.


The units are also useful in cooling greenhouses.  Such units have timers and they are set to operate at certain hours.  They also have sensors that trigger the residential high pressure misting systems to start working if certain levels of relative humidity or temperature are reached. That ensures that the crops grow fast and healthy.


Agricultural cooling is also achieved by the misting units.  Exaggerated temperatures can result in discomfort to animals or even death. That has a negative effect on animal production.  For this reason, the misting units should be used for cooling the animal houses to help achieve or maintain high production.


Fog misting units are also useful in food sectors such as dairy. Foods need to be stored at specific temperature to avoid spoilage.  Also, the humidity level in the store must be examined.  Firms in the sector ought to use portable misting fans systems that work well and prevent water from forming on the products.  Failure to do this encourages the proliferation of molds that cause foods to rot.  Fungus can also affect the health of people.


The misting equipment is also useful in industries where dust production cannot be avoided.  The dust can cause health issues such as eye problems and reduce visibility significantly.  For this reason, a unit that get rids of dust is needed.  The units release dust control sprays to the air through the nozzles and they form mist that draws the dust and makes it settle down.  The main principle that makes the procedure successful is that the size of water droplets released is almost similar to that of the dust particles.  Thus, the dust and spray particles merge fast. Watch to learn more about fog misting.



No matter your reason for buying a misting unit, you need one that is efficient.  You should buy from reputable brands and maintain them as needed.  Maintenance includes replacing any pipes that are broken and unblocking blocked nozzles.  An efficient unit can prevent you from spending an arm an a leg on power.